Instructions for FB App

Step 0 – Go to the Sanctri app on FB –

Step 1 – create a Sanctri (basic details of a dead person, including a picture) – Do not create a Sanctri which already exists on the FB app. It should be a totally new Sanctri (preferably someone from your family, or a famous figure). Here is a screenshot image of how to do it –

create a sanctri









Step 2 – Write one ‘contribution’ to your sanctri – it could be a thought, memory, etc. Again, it should be unique and heartfelt genuine.

Step 3 – Join the ‘Empty Chair’ community:









Step 4 – Add your sanctri to the ‘Empty Chair’ community (please see the screenshots below for step-by-step pictures on how to do this after you have created the sanctri and joined the ‘Empty Chair’ community)








Click in the box, so that the icons appear.






Click the “heart” button, once you have written 1-2 lines about your sanctri. A search box will appear.






Enter the first name of your Sanctri in the search box. Afterwards, make sure you hit the “Search” symbol, and your sanctri will appear in the drop-down
















Step 5 – make 3 unique comments (no repetition, and no copy-paste from any other comment) in ‘Empty Chair’ community under other people’s posts.

That’s It!! The task is over..